"Love and charity, are service, helping others, serving others. There are many people who spend their lives in this way, in the service of others. … When you forget yourself and think of others, this is love! And with the washing of the feet the Lord teaches us to be servants, and above all, servants as He was a servant to us, for every one of us."

-- Pope Francis



Part of being a great volunteer is believing in what and where you are giving of your time and energy.  Find something in the church or school that you're passionate about or something that inspires you. What is your reason to volunteer?




Some are motivated to fulfill obligations; others volunteer to simply help those around them.

Whatever your reason, we believe volunteering can transform you and the world around you.

  • Good for your health

  • Make a difference

  • Find purpose

  • Enjoy a meaningful conversation

  • Connect with your community

  • Feel involved

  • Contribute to a cause that you care about

  • Use your skills in a productive way

  • Learn new skills

  • Meet new people

  • Explore new areas of interest

  • Meet good people

  • Impress your mom

  • Impress yourself

  • Expand your horizons

  • Get out of the house

  • Make new friends

  • Strengthen your resume

  • Feel better about yourself

  • [ Your favorite reason here ]



As per Archdiocese Requirements all volunteers must be fingerprinted and Virtus Trained.

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