Planning for the Financial Security of St. Gregory the Great

“A Gift of a Lifetime”


A hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was,

the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...

but the world may be different

because I was in the life of a child.

Author Unknown

Endowment Funds

What is an endowment fund?  An endowment fund is monies or securities that are set aside in a bank account and only the earnings (interest) on these invested funds are used to supplement a steady source of income that may be relied on year after year.St. Gregory has three Endowment Funds.



Expansion, renovations, improvements and diligent maintenance will always be the hallmark of St. Gregory the Great Church.  These basic necessities will be accomplished through a maintenance and development gift to St. Gregory the Great Endowment Fund.


Your gift to the St. Gregory the Great Endowment Fund will be a permanent investment in a project with proven potential for good, and will yield rewarding dividends in both human and spiritual dimensions.  All gifts to the fund are invested and managed by professionals.



In financially supporting the endowment fund people are doing what Jesus asked- to teach all nations. Evangelization of our parishes’ children should be a primary concern of everyone in the parish. The values inculcated in the daily life of the children in a parish school are well worth the investment in their future.  Increasing tuition fees have regrettably reduced the opportunity of Catholic education throughout the country. In recent years, St. Gregory the Great School has successfully resisted this unfortunate trend.


Subsidies from St. Gregory the Great Church, sometimes as high as $100,000, annually, have enabled many deserving children to attend St. Gregory the Great School.  The family of St. Gregory the Great Church - clergy, sisters, teachers, friends and parishioners - will indeed continue to support the school, but other sources of financial aid are needed.


A gift  to the Endowment Fund Tuition Assistance project will insure that the enormous benefits of a Catholic education are not out of the financial reach of many deserving families


The St. Gregory the Great Endowment Fund is seeking gifts to continue the excellent existing programs and to initiate and develop new programs which diversify and enhance Curriculum Enrichment.


STEP - Scholastic Teacher Enrichment Program

The most visible and certainly the most valued element in any Catholic school are the sisters, teachers and clergy who guide it.


Anyone whose heart has been touched, or whose mind has been enlightened by these educators is well aware of the difference it has made in their lives - the difference between the influence of a teacher with a job and a teacher with a vocation.


St. Gregory the Great School will continue to attract such teachers to its staff.  To do so, however, the school must be in a position to offer competitive salaries.


A gift to the Endowment Fund, earmarked for Teacher Development, will help provide just remuneration for our dedicated teachers and create academic opportunities which will make teaching at St. Gregory the Great School a rewarding vocation.


The teachers and staff at St. Gregory are closely involved in every student’s development.  Special programs and teaching techniques are offered for children with varying ranges of learning abilities, intelligence quotients and creative skills.


The funds are a permanent pool of investments, and only the earnings derived from the investments are used to enrich the activities of the school.  Gifts to the fund may come from many different sources.

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